Success Stories

  • Pine Hill Solar Project in Providence
    Providence Water Goes Solar

    Providence Water today announced that the 4.99 megawatt (MW), 17,739 panel Pine Hill Solar Project located at 10 Pine Hill Road in Johnston is now operational allowing the utility to meet its goal of being powered by 100 percent renewable energy sources.

  • Solar Array at West Warwick Ice Rink
    Solar Array at West Warwick Ice Rink

    The City of West Warwick is the first Rhode Island municipality to utilize 100% renewable energy. All municipal buildings, EV charging stations, and an electric plug-in Zamboni are all powered by solar PV and wind installations. Pictured here is the solar array installed on the Town Ice Rink.

  • Scarborough Wastewater Treatment Facility
    Scarborough Wastewater Treatment Facility / Photo: RT Group, Inc.

    Hurricane Sandy flooded sections of the Scarborough Wastewater Treatment Facility, causing erosion and other damage. In 2017, a steel sheet pile wall and vegetated earthen berm will be completed to protect this facility from storm surge and sea level rise.

  • Sapowet Point, Tiverton Coastal Adaptation Project
    Sapowet Point, Tiverton Coastal Adaptation Project

    This project was an effort to restore the condition of the beach and salt marsh while also creating a coastal buffer that will provide area for both the beach and salt marsh to migrate inland as sea level rises. Partners in the Sapowet effort include Save The Bay, Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the Tiverton Conservation Commission. Funding for the $40,719 project includes $30,759 from CRMC’s Coastal and Estuarine Habitat Restoration Trust Fund and $9,960 from the USFWS's Federal Aid to Wildlife Restoration program.

  • Prep-RI
    Prep-RI Providing Resilience Eduation for Planning in Rhode Island

    URI's Coastal Resources Center has created a series of modules for city and town officials to assist in making effective choices supporting resilence planning.