NEW Mandatory Education for Planning Boards/Commissions:

In 2017, a new provision (see Public Law Chapter 403) was added to RIGL §45-22-7. of the Rhode Island General Laws. This portion of State Law describes the powers and duties of a planning board or commission. The new provision (j) requires that each member of a planning board or commission must participate in training and education classes concerning the effects of development in a flood plain and the effects of sea-level rise once every two years. Each member must complete two hours of training by September 30, 2019 and file with the municipal clerk a statement asserting that the training has been completed. A sample “Statement of Completion” is included in a Planning Guidance: New Mandatory Education for Planning Boards/Commissions from the Division of Statewide Planning.

In order to meet this requirement, planning board/commission members can watch six educational modules regarding making informed choices for supporting resilience to the impacts from climate change. Access all six training modules called PREP-RI. In addition, members are strongly encouraged to review or watch the additional resources listed below to round out the 2-hour training requirement.