EC4 Science & Technical Advisory Board (STAB)

The Rhode Island EC4 Science and Technical Advisory Board (EC4 STAB) was established pursuant to the Resilient Rhode Island Act of 2014. The EC4 STAB has nine members, appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate. Four members are from institutions of higher education in the state; two are from research laboratories located in the state; and three are from state agencies with expertise in, and responsibility for, addressing issues pertaining to climate change. An ex-officio member from the RI Department of Health also serves on the STAB.

STAB Description

The EC4 STAB is charged with keeping the EC4 abreast of important developments in scientific and technical information relating to climate change and resiliency. It shall advise the EC4 regarding opportunities to provide timely support for key policy and management decisions, inventory key climate scientific and technical work being done by public-and private-sector entities, and assist the EC4 in communicating scientific and technical information to key user groups and the general public.

STAB Members

Peter August, University of Rhode Island (Chair)
James Boyd, Coastal Resources Management Council (Secretary)
Kelly Knee, RPS/ASA
Sarah Knowlton, Rhode Island College
Shoshana Lew, RI Department of Transportation
Jason Osenkowski, RI Department of Environmental Management
Timmons Roberts, Brown University
Carol Thornber, University of Rhode Island
Henry Walker, US EPA (Vice-Chair)