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Rhode Island's 2025 Climate Action Strategy and Climate Pollution Reduction Grant

RIDEM has developed an application for EPA’s Climate Pollution Reduction Grant (CPRG) planning process and funding opportunity

The first step was the development of Rhode Island's Priority Climate Action Plan. This plan includes a focused list of near-term, high-priority, implementation ready projects to reduce GHG emissions and an analysis of GHG emissions reductions that would be achieved through implementation. Of particular interest are projects that will help advance the goals of the Justice40 Initiative

Have comments or input for RIDEM on projects? Comments may be submitted via SmartComment

The presentation from the January 4, 2024 Listening Session which details the CPRG process for RI from now through April 1st and shows the types of projects suggested by the public at a January 4th Listening Session can be found below.

2025 Climate Action Strategy

Public Comment

The RI Executive Climate Change Coordinating Council (EC4) is accepting comments on the development of the 2025 Climate Action Strategy and the implementation of the Act on Climate. Please use the SmartComment portal link below to submit written comments or to upload a document. The comment portal is open to address all topics related to greenhouse gas mitigation and resilience actions or policies.


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Request for Information

Below you will find links to the public comments that we received in response to our Request for Information on the 2025 Climate Action Strategy. Comments were provided during a May 25th listening session, in the SmartComment portal, and through written submissions.