EC4 Advisory Board

The Rhode Island EC4 Advisory Board was established pursuant to the Resilient Rhode Island Act of 2014. The EC4 Advisory Board has thirteen full members, appointed by the Governor, House and Senate. Members include municipal representatives as well as those with expertise in economic policy, workforce development, protection of natural/cultural resources, energy planning, education, public health, and housing.

Advisory Board Description

The EC4 Advisory Board is charged with advising the EC4 on all matters pertaining to the duties and powers of the Council, including evaluating and making recommendations regarding plans, programs, and strategies relating to climate change mitigation and adaptation. It shall also assist the EC4 in communication/outreach and improving public access to resources/information about climate change (both mitigation and adaptation) so as to build public support for making RI’s communities more resilient.

Please note: Final meeting agendas and approved minutes can be found on the RI Secretary of States Office Open Meetings website at  Please search Public Bodies for “Climate Change Coordinating Council, Rhode Island Executive - Advisory Board”. 

Advisory Board Membership

  • Sheila Dormody appointed by the Senate (Chair)
  • Sarah Hashem appointed by the Governor
  • Kenneth Filarski appointed by the Senate
  • Pam Rubinoff appointed by the Senate
  • Eric Wagner appointed by the Senate
  • David Caldwell Jr. appointed by the House
  • Patrick Crowley appointed by the House
  • Priscilla de la Cruz appointed by the House
  • Amy Rainone appointed by the House
  • Janice Falconer appointed by the Governor
  • Emily Koo appointed by the Governor
  • Camerin Bennett appointed by the Governor
  • Meg Kerr appointed by the Governor
  • VACANT appointed by the Governor